20 Days Full Diet Eating To Stop Hair Fall Food

20 Days Full Diet Eating To Stop Hair Fall


At the first morning, one can eat as much water as possible to wake up in the morning and eat it..

2. Eggs

Eggs are good for our body and with it our eggs will be eaten for 3 hours each day for our hair Eggs should be eaten by eggs every day with the help of new hair growth..

3.Sweet Potato

Every day the sweet potato will be eaten every day Sweets will be eaten potatoes in the day every day and your hair will stop wearing it and the hair will shave..


Nutss have plenty of protein fiber which is very much needed for our hair..

The apple is very good for the sake of eating apples and the hair is very good for the scalp..

We eat a lot of protein from the milk every day and we will have to eat a glass of less than it will be the hair from it..

Every Day is Health And 20 Days Floow this tips And Every days..

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