4 Protein Rice Vegetable For kids

4 Protein Rice Vegetable For kids

1. Broccoli

We usually like green vegetables for small kids, but broccoli is a protein rich that you can cook in many ways. But you can cook broccoli cutlets, broccoli or a broccoli dip for their food. Protein has more protein than four grams.

2. Green peas

Beans green is very tasty and healthy food. The meat is more than eight grams of protein in one cup. If your child thinks that it can not be eaten, then it should be cooked and pungent, but make sure to make some peanuts, dips or kacris so that the beans are not bad.

3. Potato

Potato is a rabbit which we all love really, everyone's favorite and, they have to supply protein in adequate quantity of potatoes. Potatoes are about five grams of protein. Try not to fry them up and instead of being able to avoid giving them unhealthy junk. Potatoes are not that bad after all.

4. Corn

Corn is nutritious as a tasty corn. One corn protein is five grams more. Sandwiches, or instant noodles, are used in their dishes.

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