Hair Growth: For Home 5 Natural Hair Growth Tips

Hair Growth: 5 Tips For Your Home Natural Hair Growth

There are many reasons for hair loss, medicines, hormonal imbalances, the type of food stress you use. As a habit, we all look for an instant chemical remedy for hair loss for quick results despite all aware of its harmful consequences. Natural problems are the best solution for hair problems. We will advise you here that your hair growth will start.

1. Eggs

At home you will have to do this work - these remedies are used all over the world for fast and natural hair growth. We know that the eggs contain high levels of protein and the eggs contain plenty of proteins that help us to form new hair. It is rich in sulfur, zinc, iodine.

Eggs Mask

For an egg mask, take an egg in a bowl and then break the eggette and take out the white part, so that the yellow part should not be mixed, so that one spoon can be used for seed oil or lavender oil and honey. Make a paste of it and keep it on your hair and scalp for about 30 minutes. Wash with cold water and shampoo.

2. Onion Juice for Hair Growth

This remedy is considered as the most effective and the oldest one. Back because it contains sulfur that helps in the production of collagen in tissues and hair growth. And do not let the hair be worn out to keep her away from using it.

How to use onion juice for your hair

To try this remedy, cut out some pieces of onion and take out the juice and apply it on your head skin for about 15-20 minutes. This is then wash it with a light shampoo.

3. Amla

(Amla) - This fruit nutrition is a powerhouse. It is rich in Vitamin C and hair growth is what you have to do, give 2 teaspoon bitter juice juice with equal amounts of juice and dry it. Close it with some hot water. This will prevent hair ..
Healthy, make this natural home for hair. Increasing natural hair also helps to increase your hair faster.

4. Ginger with A Carrier oil


Combine ginger paste and carrier oil into a bowl. 40 minutes

Start the ginger oil massage in your scalp by using your hair section and your fingertips.

Once your full scalp is covered, massage it for an additional 5 minutes to improve blood circulation.

Leave your hair oil for at least 30 minutes and then mint it with your shampoo
Repeat this treatment twice a week for best results.
Ginger combined with oil conditioner properties will nourish and strengthen your hair so that it can become thick and healthy.

5. Aloe vera

Long hair has been used for harmful treatment. It is scalp and hard hair. You can apply your Skalp and hair four days a week to pure Aloe Vera Gel. It can reduce dandruff and unblock hair follicles blocked by excess hair.

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