Eat bananas or do not relieve constipation? We'll find out. The banana is good for the crane

Some people believe that constipation is the cause of the constipation. Who does not love to eat bananas? Especially when it is suppressed in the morning, it is easy to grab and fight free. Furthermore, according to the book, 'Healing Foods' by DK Publishing, highly versatile banana fruit, is appreciated for its taste and its numerous numerous health benefits. Bananas are rich in potassium, which is essential for maintaining blood pressure, and natural antacids, bananas are very cool and sour, which makes them a cool and healing choice for an uncomfortable stomach. Although it may be the 'perfect' result for many, it has become a center of controversy related to constipation. It is a common idea that children should not be fed with banana because their poor cooked system can not handle too many fiber, so the stomach gets irritable. Here's what we found.

One needs to understand that the bananas do not cure constipation by being sterilized.Banana macrobotics Nutritionists and health "Banana's superior fiber content is loaded with regular intensity fiber and nutrients which protects the intestinal cover, which helps in the removal of toxic toxicity from your fiber colon, which helps constipation. Avoid eating refined foods that are important for chronic constipation Seems to be on. If you eat these biscuits, bread, refined flour and processed sugar and avoid items made of all. "According to the book The Healing Foods, and helps ease constipation.

Bananas are fibre and nutrients loaded that protect the gut lining

Ripe herbal bananas

Unripe bananas (green colored) may be constipation because they have high levels of resistant starks, which can be difficult for body corrosion; Why picking tender bananas in yellow color is always a good alternative. Green unripe bananas are commonly called to help in the treatment of diarrhea among children. As the banana ripens, the amount of resistant starch is reduced and the carbohydrates are converted. The ripe banana fiber content is relatively high, which is prolonged and constipation is easily claimed. Tend to absorb fiber water; Easily help pass stool.

    Unripe bananas (green-coloured) may cause constipation as they have high levels of resistant starch

What is a good alternative for kids to ripe bananas?

Delhi-based pediatrician Dr. Deepak Bansal said, "According to the WHO recommendation, the breast should be fed at the age of six months, after six months the milk should be fed gradually, banana can be started with a fine milk feed, and can be safely started at the age of six months, on other feeding foods or cereals. It has many advantages: The banana is soft on the ground, so it is spicy, it has a thick natural cover, so the possibility of pollution is insignificant. It helps to keep the stools normal, adding water, milk or yogurt, if needed, can make the skin more softer. At the beginning, a little bit of banana should start - it can be done once or twice a day. If the baby is not at risk of food allergies, some children may be allergic to bananas. If someone is allergic to fruit, then bite them. You will find some signs of discomfort after you have been diagnosed, and should consult with your pediatrician. "

  mashed banana

Ripe and unripe bananas are used for various purposes. When someone is suffering from diarrhea, the exposed art works best; On the other hand, ripe banana is good to relieve constipation. So go for bananas and do not hesitate to eat one day! Also, do not spare some extra work, as the core of restraint. Also, high levels of bananas contain natural sugars, it is recommended that diabetics should consult with their diabetes before eating them.

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