Guava, Guinea's benefits can save you from numerous diseases this summer

All of the well-wishers of the doctor said, eating at least one fruit a day. But the fruits have to go back to the market. Money does not help to buy expensive fruits for themselves, middle class Bengalis. But the health also has to be kept. In this procession, the five 'poor apple' of the hand-guava. These fruits are found throughout the tropical region throughout the year. Pocket friendly at the price, the apple is equal to the benefits. Organic Facts tells the International Health Journal, if you keep guava in your own diet, you will get 16 gains.

In the year 2011, India had taken the first place in guava production across the world. This fruit is available almost every year because of its yield twice a year. So, the price remains in the power.

The United States Department of Agriculture says that 100 g of pearl contains 68 calories. If you put a guava in the food list every day you get thousands of benefits.

There is 8 grams of water in 100 grams of para. As a result, there is enough water in the body to play guava. Playing guava in the water keeps the water balance in the body.

Papaya contains plenty of vitamin C It is very effective in increasing the luminance of the skin and increasing the prevention of disease.

Being rich in potassium, guava is produced in high blood pressure control.

There are plenty of fiber in para. Fiber helps to increase digestion. The fiber is filled with stomach for a long time. As a result, reduced fat intake. There is no alternative to keeping the weight of pearl.

Vitamin B-Six keeps the nervous system fresh. 100 grams of paraara contain 0.11 mg vitamin B-sq.

Guava cancer antidote Having an antioxidant called leucopin, the ability to resist cancer by playing Rose guava will be created in the body.

Pacara almost nothing can be taken. Guava leaves are released from the dental pain, oral ulcer.

Guavas are very important for pregnant women. 100 grams of pearl contains 49 microgram folic acid. Folic acid is important for the baby's development in the mother's womb.

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