Breakfast for weight loss: 4 reasons to add eggs to your daily diet- rich in protein, boost your metabolism

How to add eggs to your daily diet

Keeping a stock of eggs in easy reach is the best way to add this healthful food to your daily diet. Eggs are delicious, inexpensive, easy to prepare and can be found almost everywhere. They are versatile, whether hard-boiled, scrambled, poached, or folded into an omelet with some vegetables, and perfect for a great weight loss-friendly breakfast.

But the way you prepare your eggs can affect their nutrient profile. For instance, you would want to choose a low-calorie cooking method, such as boiling or poaching, if you’re trying to reduce your calories. Adding eggs, especially for breakfast, to your diet may be one of the most effective strategies to help you lose and maintain weight.

Eggs: The healthiest breakfast food for weight loss and burning belly fat?

Many people have a notion that eggs are not healthful due to concerns about cholesterol. But recent research suggests that this superfood does not raise cholesterol levels and comes packed full of many essential nutrients.

Low in calories: Surprisingly, eggs are low in calories despite being high in healthy fats. It is said that one large boiled egg contains about 78 calories.

Boost metabolism: Eating high-protein foods like eggs has been found to increase metabolism. Eggs also contain a particular nutrient, choline only found in the yolks, essential to maintaining a healthy metabolism. Choline also supports energy levels, nerve function, and brain development.

Burn belly fat: You already know that egg yolks are an excellent source of vitamin D, which is essential for strong bones and immunity. One study reported a correlation between Vitamin D deficiency and excess belly fat in overweight individuals - concluding that healthy levels of Vitamin D in the diet could potentially help in reducing belly fat.

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