How to dandruff remove permanently and stop hair fall immediately ?

You all know that the hair starts to fall apart from the beauty of the boys but from the dandruff, and after this the hair fall in the hair after time becomes a reason to reduce moisture.

In order to prevent hair fall in the early days, it is necessary to make the hair soft and smooth. We all forget about this aspect of hair care. So we hope that the shampoo conditioner weighs on the base. Many times we take care of the way we do in the US and we forget the humidity of the hair.

But know what hairy hair, dandruff is the hair of our head

The solution is close to your hand. Solve all these problems with the available material and at nominal cost only using honey

Could be easily. You know, how to use this material to honey?

.1. To make the scalp of the head soft and moist, mix half cup honey in one mug of water. After shampoo hair wash with this honey mixed with water. After that, after a soft (low alkaline) conditioner wash the hair.

2. Mix two tablespoons olive oil, one spoon honey, one tablespoon of coconut oil and let the hair massage. Wash the hair after a few moments. It will reduce the dandruff tendency. As a result hair will not fall.

3. These two natural moisturizers are both powdery and honey. So if the mixture of these two is kept in the hair, the moisture return to the hair and the problems of dandruff are removed.

4. Cover an egg, two-legged talk yogurt and a spoonful of honey and cover it with a mini-minute cap. After that wash hair with a shade of low alkali hair. Do not forget to give conditioner.

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